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  • And in view of the trouble encountered at seven hours into the flight as reported earlier, the Flight Director John Hodge has determined to terminate the flight in the 7-3 area.

    First Man

  • Betty Scott worked as a human “computer,” one of the NACA employees—virtually all women—who, in an age before electronic computers, did the tedious mathematical work of converting all the flight data into meaningful engineering units.

    First Man

  • Armstrong also flew dead-stick landings in the F-102 as well as the F-104: “These would vary the geometry of the pattern and the flight speeds and the energy management aspects of the trajectory to come up with a conclusion, what is the probable best technique?”

    First Man

  • Miles Benson had made the flight down Wednesday morning to survey the destruction firsthand.

    The Ark

  • Jim Lovell, the CapCom capsule communicator at Mission Control who is in communication with the spacecraft, has just advisedArmstrong that he is “go” from the ground…Six minutes and five seconds into the flight and Armstrong advises they have completed their burn.

    First Man

  • Newton account of canceling the flight to Midway, see PHPT 26-344 Hart Proceedings.


  • Round-trip, the flight spanned some 215 miles, each log bookending his sitting for the navy scholarship qualifying exam.

    First Man

  • The most candid critic, Walter Cunningham, had served at the Cape during the launch as capsule communicator for the flight crew—a position known for some unknown reason as the “Stoney.”

    First Man

  • It came as a surprise to no one that both the crew and the flight controllers in Mission Control focused, during the first minutes of the docking, on the performance of the Agena, given how riddled with problems the GATV had been.

    First Man

  • The crew assignments for Gemini III, in fact, had to be changed before preparation for the flight even got going.

    First Man


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