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  • She continued through a thick fire-door at the end, to emerge on a gallery round an atrium in the main factory building, where the nuts came from.

    Come To Grief

  • A well-dined Reader is not likely, the writer thinks, to quarrel with his dessert because he has to pick out, with some little patience, the dainty meats of the nuts he has to arrange and crack for himself.

    Thomas Hariot

  • He stood so long without stirring that poor Fleda began to have sad thoughts of the possibility of gathering all the nuts from the hickory-trees, and she heaved a very gentle sigh once or twice; but the dark blue eye which she with reason admired, remained fixed on the broad scene below, as if it were reading, or trying to read there a difficult lesson.


  • There was much talk of developing tall, fast-growing trees with straight trunks for timber, whereas it seemed to me and several other Walnut Club members that the singular virtue of the tree is best appreciated by the French, who compromise by growing a rather shorter bole and harvesting the nuts for sixty to seventy years before eventually uprooting it for timber or veneer.


  • Mrs. Poyser was at the head of this table, and Totty was now seated in her lap, bending her small nose deep down into a wine-glass in search of the nuts floating there.

    Adam Bede

  • Motorist rolls the tire around from the back and steps on the rim of the hubcap, which flips all of the nuts into tall weeds.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • Artwork by the nuts was tacked to the walls: finger paintings and draw-by-the-numbers jobs depicting Jesus Christ, Joe D.Maggio and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    The Big Nowhere

  • The jenever burned in his throat and the nuts filled his round cheeks as he studied the room where de Gier, immaculate in a freshly laundered denim suit and a pale blue shirt, smoking a long thin cigar which accentuated his aristocratic nose and full upswept mustache, was listening to a middle-aged woman, flapping her artificial eyelashes.

    Death of a Hawker

  • I explained in a shorter version and produced the folded paper bearing the analysis of the nuts from Combe Bassett and the Land-Rover, and asked if it was a Topline formula.

    Come To Grief

  • It used to climb up to her windows by a lilac-bush or a climbing rose-tree and look brightly in at her while enjoying the nuts she gave it on the window-sill.

    Lady John Russell


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