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  • n. slang terms for inside information


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  • The brightly colored minipots holding herbs arranged on the windowsill added to that tone, he supposed, and the skinny vase of white-faced daisies one of the women must have picked up at the flower shop in town finished it off.

    The Hollow

  • His eyes were locked to Toram Riatin and the skinny fellow.

    A Crown of Swords

  • This was, in fact, correct, but our self-prescribed treatment—vitamin K as recommended by the skinny college-aged kid at the original Whole Foods Market on Lamar Boulevard—was both foolish and naive.

    Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume

  • The rowhouses on the skinny back-street reminded Anne of Fairmount and were of the same colonial vintage; a lineup of attached brick homes, two-stories high and with a door flanked by two front windows, distinguished by the paint color of their shutters or the occasional clay flowerpot on the step.

    Courting Trouble

  • It was then that friendship had to be cultivated with the half savage Barbary States, and the insolence of the Deys and the Sultans had to be tolerated so that North Africa could provide the skinny bullocks and the barley grain to feed the British garrisons in the Mediterranean — all of them beleagured on land — and the ships which kept open the way to them.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy

  • Danny kicked the skinny around and watched the trumpet player inch over from the curtains, holding his horn like it was a ikon to ward off demons.

    The Big Nowhere

  • AT THE SAME TIME GREG SANDERS WAS GIVING CATH-erine Willows and Sara Sidle the skinny on wig hair, Gil Grissom—in a loose long-sleeve dark gray shirt and black slacks—was striding down the hall, a file folder in one hand, his heels clicking softly on the tile floor.

    Sin City

  • Maybe the kid could give him the skinny about Lenihan and drug dealing.



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