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  • Under the Vagrancy Act tramps can be prosecuted for smoking in the spike — in fact, they can be prosecuted for almost anything; but the authorities generally save the trouble of a prosecution by turning disobedient men out of doors.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • The further discovery of minute blood-stains tells us that the spike of the shooting-stick was twisted in the rag after being partially cleaned in the earth.

    Scales of Justice

  • After we left the spike at Lower Binfield, Paddy and I earned half a crown at weeding and sweeping in somebodys garden, stayed the night at Cromley, and walked back to London.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • I said yes, thinking this would make him accept me as a fellow tramp, and asked him what the spike at Romton was like.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • William and Fred were scarcely outside the spike in the morning before they had sold these boots for one and ninepence.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • After registering at the office we were led into the spike by an official known as the Tramp Major (his job is to supervise casuals, and he is generally a workhouse pauper) and a great bawling ruffian of a porter in a blue uniform, who treated us like cattle.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • Oh, Justin, she thought, ignoring the spike of pain his name sent through her.


  • Sharpe let go the spike so that the gun Captain, blood cartwheeling away from his wound, fell to the sea with the spike's shaft still rammed into his belly.

    Sharpe's Devil

  • It is against the law to enter the spike with more than eightpence, and any sum less than this one is supposed to hand over at the gate.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • Mal kicked his legs and pulled the spike out of his arm; Buzz saw a C-note resting under a fresh syringe on the dresser and knew Claire and Loftis had bought themselves a hot lead.

    The Big Nowhere


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