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  • Amanda had appeared at the tail end of his dream, and after her admonishment, she evaporated like water on a sidewalk under a one-hundred-degree Hawaiian sun.

    A Love So Deep

  • Clawed footprints straddle the tail mark, reflecting a smallish animal but definitely a reptile.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • At 21,000 feet, he popped open the parachute rig stored in the tail of the NF-104A, a desperate move that failed to get him out of the spin.

    First Man

  • He was wearing a red suit, and at first, I thought He was Santa; but then I saw the tail and the unkosher hoof emerging from a puff of black smoke.

    Roseanne Archy

  • Graham could see the tail end of his Buick Regal in the parking lot.

    A Love So Deep

  • In the central highlands of New Guinea you can catch sight of the ribbon-tailed bird of paradise, no bigger than a crow but dragging a pair of grossly elongated tail feathers, white streamers like the tail on a kite, as it swims heavily through the air of a clearing.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Unlike ‘flying squirrels’ (rodents) and ‘flying phalangers’ (marsupials), colugos incorporate the tail into the gliding membrane.


  • Toward the tail end of the salad we were served two pizzas, one margherita, one salsiccia, which came on a wooden serving platter and were oval-shaped and unsliced, and with a half liter of dry cabernet, close to perfect.

    The Italian Summer

  • Since the tail of a human sperm is a modified cilium that powers its swimming, and since ciliated cells line the sinus cavities, Afzelius examined respiratory tissue from the patients and checked their cilia.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • An hour after it landed, an Executive Gulfstream with the tail number N85VM departed Ramstein for Cairo, a jet that was owned by Phillip Morse, a partner in the Boston Red Sox and one of a number of individuals whose planes were occasionally rented by the CIA.

    The Longest War


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