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  • adj. Common misspelling of theatrical.
  • n. Common misspelling of theatrical.


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  • The first volume of The Carrie Diaries is scheduled for release April 27, 2010, just a month before the theaterical release of Sex And The City 2.

    Teen Carrie Bradshaw “The Carrie Diaries” By Candace Bushnell

  • This must mean that Warner released at least 2 different theaterical versions of the film in the US since the version I saw in the early 1980s (pre-1985) was the same one on my VHS tape (both were rated “R”).

    The Music of Ennio Morricone

  • Extras include a theaterical trailer and a brief text biography on director Masaru Konuma, which unfortunately is rather dull and uninformative.

    DVD of the Week: The Killing Kind

  • Obviously, if Dworkin was giving a lecture and people attended, (all) women were no longer silenced, so I was not endorsing what I suggested were theaterical aspects of her lecture performance (or behavior, if you prefer).

    Have I been too kind to the late Andrea Dworkin?

  • Axccording to this 60% is indian theaterical revenue 18% overseas …. in general it gives an idea how much movie should atleast earn from india to be HIt, if movie is blockbuster in overseas this % age will be down and vieversa ..


  • Thanks for link Texas, Axccording to this 60% is indian theaterical revenue 18% overseas .... in general it gives an idea how much ...


  • Margate is based in Henderson, Nevada and is a multi platform audio and video content provider for movies, TV, non theaterical, and home audio and video. Press Releases

  • Now that the first song of RNBDJ has been released all over, the first promo of Ghajini has struck right visual chords and the visually stunning theaterical promo of CCTC still afresh in our minds, the curiosity level for all the three films have risen.


  • MS gives an outstanding performance. if it’s a poopularity contest, then AJ will get a nod. that accent is annoying as is the makeup. guess clint wanted a pretty face to film. if it’s in HD i’ll watch. but you’ll never see her without makeup and her acting is not very honest it is rather theaterical and overblown.

    'Changeling' vs. 'Doubt': The Best Actress Race is ON |

  • - type angst vaguely directed at a bad economy and the powers that be making bad decisions, which is a bit of cliche, but by the time they get to the theaterical, lighter-waving coda of "Dream, America, Dream" at the end, it's easy enough to feel their frustration.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home


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