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  • n. Old spellings of thief, thiefly.


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  • (He seems particularly intent on breaking records for the mostdroppings of thef-bomband for the longest unedited tracking shot of male genitalia.)

    DVD Review: Observe And Report « Screaming Blue Reviews

  • Government employees elsewhere prosecuted for thef ...

    Taste-less Plainfield

  • Clearly, if they think they have the right to excuse him, that also means thef to right to compel him.

    CNN Transcript Dec 7, 2005

  • He even asked this question of Countess Lubonska during one of his visits home when the Seym was not in session, and she responded gloomily: 'I'm terribly af raid a great thef t is under way, Tytus.


  • Along the muddy path thef went, and then crossed a road to the other side.

    The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage

  • And thou hast called thy wyrde a thef, doom, fate: theft.

    England's Antiphon

  • When John Anderson first came to him, he (Mr. Pool) felt that he was a representative man, and that a deep responsibility rested upon him (Mr. Pool), for if he should not succeed with Anderson as he desired, he should thus be the occasion of disappointing the expectations of the Committee; and thef riends of slavery would refer to their failure, and henceforth speak in tones of contempt of the efforts of abolitionists.

    The story of the life of John Anderson : the fugitive slave ed.

  • Also in this same yere was a man drawen and hanged, hedid, and quarterd, and sett up at diverses places, for he tok up bestes and all maner vitaill in the cuntre in the kynges name, and was but a thef, and so robbyd the cuntre with treson.

    A Chronicle of London from 1089 to 1483 Written in the Fifteenth Century, and for the First Time Printed from MSS. in the British Museum

  • He currently serves on thef West Brazoria County Drainage District 11 board as vice president and financial officer.

    The Facts: News

  • Eevrything I've read about him, and virtually all the quotes attributed to him, reek o thef power-worship that is at the heart of the Cult of the Dtate.

    The American Spectator


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