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  • n. Plural form of thegn.


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  • On the other side the Saxon Fyrd, as the army was called, consisted of thegns, who were basically dressed the same as their Norman counterparts, the biggest noticeable difference would appear to be the lake of mounted knights and the use of a more Viking shield, being round.

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  • The traditions of paganism were quite strong among his witan, and one of the most memorable passages of Bede deals with the final acceptance of Christianity among the thegns.

    Edwin of Northumbria

  • The fyrd (army of foot soldiers) and the fleet were reorganized, the army increased, the thegns (thanes) began to be used as a mounted infantry.


  • To provide trained administrators, Alfred established schools for the sons of thegns and nobles.


  • The priest and several of Geoffrey's thegns joined the couple at the table.

    Gentle Warrior

  • It has lately come to my ears that Cynric, your son, and others of your thegns are even now back in your old lands beyond the Narrow Sea, and that more men daily flock to their standards.

    The Wicked Day

  • Cerdic's thegns crowded behind his chair, and an awning of brightly coloured cloth woven with gold and silver thread made a regal background to the thrones set for him and the regent.

    The Wicked Day

  • Behind Cerdic stood his thegns, or warrior lords, dressed like their king save that where he wore a crown, they had tall caps of brightly coloured leather.

    The Wicked Day

  • The old king set off southward with the elder thegns, while his younger warriors escorted Mordred and his troops part of the way north, with a joyous accompaniment of shouting and weapon-play.

    The Wicked Day

  • Then a fresh shouting arose as ale and mead were brought in, and after that the great trays of roasted meats, still smoking and sizzling from the ovens; and the Saxon thegns, who until then had been trying, with gestures and yells of laughter, to communicate, ceased abruptly and turned all their ferocious attention to eating and drinking.

    The Wicked Day


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