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  • n. Plural of theism; referencing multiple systems of theistic belief.


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  • So far, I agree with you. until all "theisms" are eliminated. completely. what's new online!

  • The only point that I wish to make is that atheism, which is itself a religion by negation, has an even worse record than theisms.

    Bishop Pierre Whalon: Why I Am Not An Atheist

  • Such a person recognizes, in particular, that to reject belief in God in a reasonable way is to reject the strongest and most coherent versions of theism -- which in turn also requires first investigating those theisms in a genuinely open-minded (if frequently critical) way.

    Andrew Pessin: A Room Without Rants: Where Reasonable Theists and Atheists Meet

  • I agree that theisms competing with each other, and with secularism, make it very difficult, but not impossible.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Accommodation, however, must not be sectarian; accommodations, if granted, must be extended evenhandedly to differing theisms.


  • Indeed, Duncanian wonders, where would one fit Buddhism into that model of theisms, if one can at all?


  • But if you look at theisms X, Y, and Z not as competitors for the Only Perfectly True Thing Or Else You Go To Hell, but rather as alternate proposals for solving some real problem (like "what is the world, and how should we live?") then does their multiplicity make any of them more unlikely?


  • By the way, IMHO, deism and atheism lie pretty close together on the Venn diagram of religion, with the various theisms way far away from the atheism/pantheism/deism group.

    Lincoln's journey of faith | RELIGION Blog |

  • Most forms of atheism are negative or rejectionist in nature; that is, they are rejections of particular forms of theism or religious belief (they are “a-theisms”).

    Politicians and Critics

  • To just name all the "-isms" and "-theisms" associated with these different concepts would be exhausting.

    What Is Ultimate?


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