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  • n. Plural form of thematic.


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  • This mismatch between the conventional dramatic proprieties and SF's extreme, grotesque, or visionary thematics is known as the "squid on the mantelpiece."

    Boing Boing: September 29, 2002 - October 5, 2002 Archives

  • Legally, they may be pissing in the wind, and an ethical inversion of thematics is not going to be easy to prove in court, but they’re certainly entitled to kick up a stink.

    Creative Control - Part 4

  • All things being equal, an author shouldn't think too deeply about the thematics of his own book.

    An Interview with Mark Winegardner

  • Newt is an "idea man," they say, without giving specific examples, leaving us on our own to mine the depths of such Gingrich-isms as, "The underlying thematics are beginning to be universalizable in a way that has taken years of work."

    Michael Sigman: In Wacky GOP Presidential Field, the Donald Trumps the Shark

  • I will not disparage any newcomers by saying it is a mistake to lean up close to HPL in writing style and thematics, since this really can be good exercise (not to mention great fun).

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • A domestic policy within its thematics (values) excludes the equity of an unmediated (un-proclaimed) subject within the ethico-political domain.

    Equality and the Liberal Democrats… « My Liberal Democrat Political Ramblings…

  • The Biblical version of the Flood utterly transforms the thematics of the Sumerian story by combining the roles of Enlil, king of gods, who orders the deluge, and Enki, god of wisdom, who warns the hero of its coming.

    Creative Control - Part 4

  • All politics aside, I honestly can't remember the last time a State of the Union and official response included as many bi-partisan thematics and ideas as President Obama and Chairman Ryan included tonight.

    Dean Garfield: Reinventing America Requires a New Mindset

  • And he's got the ego: In a moment of grandiosity even for Newt, he tells Richardson, "The underlying thematics are beginning to be universalizable in a way that has taken years of work."

    Michael Sigman: The Newtiness of Newt

  • Top-of-mind thematics: adopting a strategy that keeps the U.S. competitive in innovation-based fields, integrating technology to help bridge the digital divide within health care, accepting a certain level of risk for R&D and fostering greater collaboration between academia and industry.

    Sean Donahue: Milken's Simple Solutions


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