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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of thematize.


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  • But sexuality remains an incredibly public/private iteration of one's truth, one's enfleshed and psychic life, that cannot be thematized or offered up in a tidy, gift-wrapped, epistemological package, ala the coming out 'event.'

    New Dad

  • Original Stories from Real Life where Mrs. Mason presents her charges with a book of their prior experiences as a means of future counsel, but is thematized also in

    Notes on 'Attached to Reading: Mary Shelley's Psychical Reality'

  • Cynthia Chase's deconstructive reading of these effects as a thematized staging of "mute catachresis" (21), the way meanings and signs are linked "by the accident of identity" (27). close window

    Sounding Romantic: The Sound of Sound

  • There is resistance in this incident; there is sharp hostility between shop workers and the master and his family; but the resistance and the resentment are thematized around more specific grievances and patterns than the class struggle story would suggest.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Sellars thematized this contrast as a confrontation of two “images”: the “manifest image” whose primary objects are persons, beings who can and do conceive of themselves as sentient perceivers, cognitive knowers, and deliberative agents, and the “scientific image”, whose primary entities are some sophisticated version of “atoms in the void”.

    Wilfrid Sellars

  • The notion of style is not thematized as such and it is not clear that the features adduced to explain the particular historical events might provide the general tools for analyzing other transitions in mathematical style.

    Mathematical Style

  • In honor of the days when my blogging was both assiduous and thematized remember the chocolate cakes?

    Ayelet in Denver

  • These were in many cases much more historical rather than psychological in character, but also often based on psychological theories wherein intentionality was not fully or hardly at all thematized as it was in Brentanian psychology.

    Anton Marty

  • These treatments of ancient sexuality moved Foucault into ethical issues that had been implicit but seldom explicitly thematized in his earlier writings.

    Michel Foucault

  • In the second half of the last century, the task of addressing empathy was mainly left to psychologists who thematized it as a psychological phenomenon and process to be studied by the method of the empirical sciences.



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