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  • v. Present participle of thematize.


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  • American in thematizing the desire for a "new world," one which will leave the past unambiguously behind.

    Critical Presentism

  • By thematizing reading as a form of critical engagement, a poem like The Giaour models an ongoing critical practice.

    Byron and Romantic Occidentalism

  • Schama is a highly original thinker when it comes to conceptualizing history -- witness his motif of landscapes as a way of thematizing swatches of European history Landscape And Memory, or his crossing of history and fiction in Dead Certainties: Unwarranted Speculations.

    Schama's revolution

  • The critical importance of a thematizing role by Beatty should not be underestimated in the years ahead when a historic shift back toward a progressive agenda is possible.

    Nathan Gardels: A Phil Angelides/Warren Beatty Ticket Would Knock Out Arnold

  • Guillory offers a summation of rhetorical reading's procedures, he casts rhetorical reading as thematizing

    Professing Literature: John Guillory's Misreading of Paul de Man

  • Such a way of thematizing the Fall and the Redemption is especially relevant in our consumerist society, in which many babies are killed in the womb for convenience and people themselves are in danger of becoming commodities.

    Communion vs. Consumption

  • This essay has articulated a Zen Philosophy, though as anti-philosophy, by thematizing such topics as “overcoming dualism,” “Zen-seeing,” “Zen's understanding of time and space,” “Zen person,” and

    Japanese Zen Buddhist Philosophy

  • The "genre" of ekphrasis is distinguished, the skeptic might point out, not by any disturbance or dissonance at the level of signifiers and representational media, but by a possible reference to or thematizing of this sort of dissonance.

    Ekphrasis and the Other

  • Perhaps ekphrasis as "literary principle" does the same thing, thematizing "the visual" as other to language, "a threat to be reduced" (ekphrastic fear),

    Ekphrasis and the Other

  • This being Viktor & Rolf's first collection with Staff International, the conglomerate led by Renzo "Mr. Diesel" Rosso, the word was out that we were in for something less hidebound by the tricksy thematizing V&R are prone to. Latest Features and Articles


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