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  • n. Plural form of theocon.


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  • Palin is adored by the paleos and theos because "she's a Christian" while McCain is loathed by the right-wing extremists because he called the theocons "agents of intolerance."

    Born Again Redneck

  • A couple of years back, for instance, in a book bemoaning the rising influence of the "theocons" - a group of mostly Catholic thinkers associated with the magazine First Things-Damon Linker raised the specter of


  • The theocons are a bit more conservative (well Progressive actually). - raising awareness of the consequences of prohibition

  • The Neocons are one thing -- they're warmongers, yes, but they aren't "theocons" who make religion a central part of their public platform.

    Midterm Roundup

  • In Unnatural, the science writer Philip Ball examines the works of the "theocons" and finds their objections to assisted conception have less to do with holy books or time-honoured moral theology than with pagan myths and Gothic fairytales.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • The Christian Right labelled by some as the 'theocons' recently flexed its considerable muscle in overturning Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers, but it still represents a minority of voters. - Comments

  • To the extent that … the so-called "theocons," were more or less entirely on board with what Mr. Bush was doing, even if they felt compelled to use their own teachings in distorted form to do it, they were not championing orthodoxy at all.

    Vox Nova

  • Right-wing bloggers mocked me and everybody else who threw around words like "theocons" and

    Jewish Atheist

  • The 'theocons' in the United States have fought for years for the introduction of a voucher scheme for education to force the state to pay for private and faith-based schools, despite that referenda have overwhelmingly rejected this idea in one state after another.

    In Defence of Marxism

  • "theocons" or "neocons" or economic conservatives or whatever else, but by the particular routines by which they wash themselves in the blood of the lamb-in other words, how they pronounce themselves and those they class themselves with to be without sin: conservatism never fails, it is only failed.

    Blog entry


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