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  • n. the political philosophy that religion should play a role in forming public policy.


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theo- +‎ conservatism


  • This strikes me as a belief entirely shaped upon the last 8 years of religious theoconservatism that was idiotic and rampant in the Republican party.

    There is No God | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • The target was recognizably Hauerwas, a member of the First Things editorial board, and the rhetoric was recognizably that of the editor in chief, Richard John Neuhaus, a Catholic priest who is to theoconservatism what Hauerwas is to pacifism.

    A Man for All Reasons

  • A report from the bastion of theoconservatism, the Southern Baptist Church, laments that “evangelistically, the denomination is on a path of slow but discernable deterioration” because they are baptizing new members at the same absolute number they did fifty years ago when the population was half its current size.

    Why the Republicans and Their Religious Base Are in a Lot More Trouble Than They Realize

  • Sullivan ended his post with the sanctimonious pronouncement, You wanna play by the rules of theoconservatism?

    "I mean no disrespect."

  • Well, Andrew, if you think the 'rules of theoconservatism' are so loathesome, why are YOU so quick to adopt their over-heated rhetoric, the imputations of bad faith to anyone who dares disagree, and lapses into nudge-nudge wink-wink innuendo that rapidly becomes tiresome in teenage boys, let alone something pretending to be a serious examination of a serious candidate for the presidency?

    "I mean no disrespect."

  • It would have sounded better if he hadn't finished with You wanna play by the rules of theoconservatism?

    "I mean no disrespect."

  • Given Brownback's rigid theoconservatism - in which Catholicism is reduced to criminalizing all abortion and preventing gay couples from having any legal protections - the statement was banal.

    The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

  • The presence of devout Catholics authorizing the waterboarding of a human being 183 times in a row really does help put theoconservatism into a new perspective, doesn't it?

    The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

  • It's a sort of theoconservatism I can understand, shaped by C. S. Lewis and Tolkien as much as anything.


  • Of course, lacking a clear religious component, Christianists would by and large remain where they are, further strenghtening the forces of theoconservatism within the Republican fold.

    The Other McCain


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