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  • n. Plural form of theocracy.


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  • That only happens in theocracies and monarchies. “we have to burn the enemy. thats what we americans stand for”

    Think Progress » Cheney Approval Nearing Rock Bottom at 19%

  • The truth is that neither America or any western European country has had the kind of theocracies that existed in Byzantium, or in Old Testament Israel.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • A quick Internet search turns up a 2004 essay he wrote deploring "theocracies" for a newspaper in his native Britain, and his own Web site states that he thinks it "perfectly possible to explain how the universe came about without bringing God into it."

    Film: The Golden Compass

  • Today, after thirty years of accommodation with the repressive regimes that came out of the nationalist fervor, the rise of discontent in the Arab world, the "Arab Spring," has forced the U.S. and its allies to change course; they now profess to want democratic regimes to replace autocracies, theocracies and brutal dictatorships.

    Fariba Amini: Republicans in the U.S. Go All the Way: Nuke Iran

  • ALL theocracies are wrong, yet the west chooses to ignore Israel based on some combination of fear and pity.

    Global Voices in English » Iran: Diplomats walk out at Ahmadinejad’s speech

  • Skousen's work has been criticized by scholars and groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has called it a "recipe for turning the United States into 50 little theocracies."

    Summer school teaches Tea Party values to kids

  • By that he does not mean the restoration of something like the last caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, a relatively rational polity, but rather the imposition of Taliban-style theocracies stretching from Indonesia to Morocco.

    The Longest War

  • Not only was there the personal enmity between the two men going back to the 1980s, but they were also both representative of the ideological civil war that was taking place in the Muslim world between those like bin Laden, who wanted to install Taliban-style theocracies from Indonesia to Morocco, and those like Massoud, who espoused a more moderate form of Islamism and an orientation to the West.

    The Longest War

  • Finally, even if it is acknowledged that there are circumstances under which religiously sacred beliefs do promote greater social cohesion, such as that to be found within the Islamic theocracies which spawned Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, the existence of religiously-driven social cohesion seems to promote a vicious in-group/out-group mentality which leads to inter-group conflict.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • If majorities ruled always and everywhere in this country, we would still have apartheid, local theocracies, and a host of evils long banished by our system of checks and balances, however imperfect. anonymous Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » George Will’s Odd Aversion to Democracy


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