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  • n. Plural form of theologian.


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  • * This is the name theologians conventionally give to the contradiction between an all-powerful and beneficent God who nevertheless creates or allows evil to exist in the world.

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • But people with an interest in fundamental truth inquire for themselves into the constitution of the cosmos; if they are convinced one way, they become what we call theologians; if they are convinced the other way, they become what we call free-thinkers.

    The Woman Who Did

  • There are certain theologians who close their eyes to the overwhelming apostolic authority of Saint Paul, claiming that he possessed no such authority in the Christian communities; and such folly commands a wide audience.

    Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog:

  • He often cites the Latin theologians, especially Augustine, Aquinas, and Duns Scotus.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • The AI-guys have wisely included philosophers of science and even theologians from a number of traditions in the quest.

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • Thus, beginning in the 1960s when Latin American theologians turned to the social sciences, including Marxist analysis, to understand the roots of historic, institutionalized poverty and oppression, their critics were powerful and plentiful, including Cardinal Ratzinger, then head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, now Pope Benedict XVI, and U.S. president - Home Page

  • While internet censorship has vast implications for democracy and press freedoms, it is also becoming the favorite tool of government "theologians" -- administrators who have been tasked with the defense of a nation's civil religion for the purposes of consolidating state power.

    Asma Uddin: Internet Censorship and Machiavellian Restrictions on Religion

  • Many "theologians" - i.e., professors of various academic disciplines pursued within theology departments-treat the Resurrection as theory not history.

    Sacramentum Vitae

  • Though a crucial fact about our universe, long noted by theologians, is that it certainly isn’t as complicated as it could be.

    Wolfram Blog : Stephen Wolfram on the Quest for Computable Knowledge

  • This would make a lot more sense if the theologians were the one to get theprize.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Game Show Looks to Convert Atheists”:


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