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  • adv. in a theological manner
  • adv. concerning theological matters

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a theological manner; according to the principles of theology; in respect to theology.

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  • adv. in a theological manner
  • adv. as regards theology


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  • However, the god of Mormonism — a religion that, theologically, is a cult of Christianity — constantly changes his mind; reason why the doctrines of the Mormon Church often change (interestingly, whenever doing so is convenient to the Mormon Church).

    Polygamy in cross hairs of Senate panel

  • "The basic problem that I have theologically is that God's activity in the world should be hidden," says George Murphy, a Lutheran theologian, PhD physicist, and author of The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross.

    When Mixing Science and Theology is OK

  • With enough private Christian schools, the public American schools can remain theologically-neutral; but Christians are simultaneously able to construct and preach their own curriculum without any interference from the secular government.

    November 30th, 2005

  • The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod is often referred to as theologically conservative. Front Page

  • The church, which Jeff describes as theologically conservative and politically liberal, doesn’t always get what he does, but embraces it nonetheless.

    Rapture Ready!

  • One of the more fascinating elements of the Cylon culture is that they spend a tremendous amount of time pondering metaphysical questions such as whether as machines they can claim to have a soul - the kind of theologically-tinged discussion that is normally completely alien to science fiction shows.

    Only a Game

  • Palin's prayer is, if anything, the humble prayer of an uncertain mother, and not - as AlterNet portrays it - the kind of theologically arrogant prayer that would rest comfortably in the mouth of Pat Robertson or the late Jerry Falwell. News

  • The term “evangelicalism” now encompasses all theologically conservative Protestants except Black Protestantism, as explained below, whether they be Billy Graham–like neo-evangelicals, members of “seeker-sensitive” megachurches, traditional fundamentalists, or Pentecostals.13

    American Grace

  • Then came the first aftershock, which reverberated through American religion, as theologically conservative—largely evangelical—religion was revitalized.

    American Grace

  • Loosely speaking, mainline Protestant denominations are more liberal theologically than their evangelical counterparts.

    American Grace


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