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  • v. Present participle of theologise.


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  • There is another kind of theologising, of course, which speaks of the weakened or corrupted will due to our fallen nature, that I must let alone for the present.

    The New Theology

  • Surely any ordinary intelligence can see that this kind of theologising puts an impassable gulf at once between Jesus and every other person who has ever been born of an earthly mother.

    The New Theology

  • This kind of theologising leads straight to the conclusion that God is to all intents and purposes quite distinct from

    The New Theology

  • The re-theologising of ecclesiology, especially in dialogue with the Christian East, has meant that we are now better able to see the local community gathered around the bishop or his representative for eucharistic worship not as a portion of some greater whole but as itself the whole, the qualitative presence, as we might put it, of the Catholic reality of filial holiness and Trinitarian mutuality here and now.

    Archbishop's address at a Willebrands Symposium in Rome

  • Its connotations are endless, and range from the aggressively man-like deity of the primitive savage up -- or down -- to the abstract force of the mathematical physicist and the shadowy "Absolute" of the theologising metaphysician.

    Theism or Atheism The Great Alternative

  • No, this kind of incoherent theologising will not do.

    The New Theology

  • Hence in speaking of the Atonement, whether in preaching or in theologising, it is quite unnecessary to raise any question about the inspiration of Scripture, or to make any claim of 'authority' either for the Apostles or for the Lord.

    The Atonement and the Modern Mind

  • Thus by "erroneous" is meant, according to Viva, a proposition which is not _immediately_ opposed to a revealed proposition, but only to a theological _conclusion_ drawn from premisses which are _de fide_; "savouring of heresy," when a proposition is opposed to a theological conclusion not evidently drawn from premisses which are _de fide_, but most probably and according to the common mode of theologising, and so with the rest.

    Apologia pro Vita Sua

  • to satirise the theologising of sport, but really, its just farnarkling.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » A day without migraine - and foregrounding the background.


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