from The Century Dictionary.

  • Having the form, image, or likeness of God.


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  • While certain theomorphic names may indicate that some Israelites identified Baal with Yahweh (e.g.,

    Think Progress » O’Reilly Reversal: “There Is No Attack On Easter”

  • As long as there are human beings, there will be religion for the sufficient reason that the self is a theomorphic creature -- one whose morphe form is theos -- God encased within it.

    Huston Smith - Why Religion Matters (2)

  • Lord, is not only an anthropomorphic Çiva, as in the late Upanishads, where the philosophic _brahma_ is equated with a long recognized type of divinity, but _ [= a] tm [= a] _ is identified with the figure of a theomorphic man.

    The Religions of India Handbooks on the History of Religions, Volume 1, Edited by Morris Jastrow

  • This means that hanging from this lynchpin is also the doctrine of theomorphic man (i.e. we are literally created in God's image.)

    The Millennial Star

  • "The state of being colonized, of being under the thumb of another nation, another people, is from King's point of view an existential disfigurement, robbing human beings of their status as theomorphic or created in the image of the divine."


  • Real progress occurs when the human phenomenon inches closer toward its nonlocal goal, which is to say, its theomorphic center.

    One Cosmos

  • The Oak has many manifestations, and some of them are theomorphic.

    Via Negativa


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