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  • n. An abbreviation of theosophical, theosophist, or theosophy.


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  • It helps us with the interpretation of John 1:1 to remember that the Greek term theos God/god is fundamentally a descriptive word rather than a proper name.


  • This is one of the few instances of St. Basil's use of the word theos of the Holy Ghost.

    NPNF2-08. Basil: Letters and Select Works

  • In fact, the word "enthusiasm" has the word theos (God) as its root. - Home

  • There exists, first, the Form of bed created by God (or the gods, the divine, for the word theos is used generically); second in truth or reality is the actual bed made by the carpenter with his eye on the Form; and then, third in the degree of truth or reality comes the picture of the bed made by a painter who has no knowledge of the Form nor indeed of the actual bed either, but

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • 68 See a valuable discussion of the ancient use of the terms theos and deus in note D vol.iii. of Norton's Genuineness of the

    The Destiny of the Soul A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life

  • As a result, some of the most important and most interesting historical questions are not answered, such as how the author of this Gospel could write about Jesus as he does "without any sustained attempt at ajudicating the issue of how the God of the Hebrew Scriptures and Jesus can both be called theos" p.60.

    Review of Kostenberger and Swain, Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel

  • Matthew is expounded a hasty gift, or a giver of counsel, or it is said Matthew of magnus, and theos, that is God, as it were a great God.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 5

  • Theodore is said of theos, that is as much to say as God, and of das, that is to say, give.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 6

  • They believe in some kind of what the Hellenes called theos and the Romans deus - the terms which have given English its deity, deism, theism, atheism and theology.

    AllAfrica News: Latest

  • a hand, and theos, that is God, as it were the hand of God.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 5


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