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  • n. Any of a group of bipedal saurischian dinosaurs of the suborder Theropoda

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  • n. An erroneous form of theropod.


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  • A therapod was a large (four metres long) meat-eating, two-legged dinosaur related to the tyrannosaur.

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  • We collaborated by phone on a menu and arrived after work on Friday, grabbing a quick look at some therapod tracks before moving into the screen shelter we'd rented, which was simply a wooden roof over a small concrete pad enclosed by screen.

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  • But the therapod–the therapod is iconic and looks almost like a Babylonian mosaic or an emblem of burnished gold.

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  • For example, maybe some of the different therapod dinosaurs were part of the same kind.

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  • At the end of the reign of the dinosaurs, some 65 million years ago, it was the tiny yet adaptable mammals that gained the edge (roughly 10 of the 15 mammal families at the end of the Cretaceous survived), along with some of the smaller, more adaptable therapod dinosaurs, which diversified into modern birds.

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  • In 1975, Wiffen found something remarkable in a remote stream in nothern Hawkes Bay - a fossilised tail 'bone' of a therapod.

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  • If the coelacanth and wollemi pine survived, why not a living therapod or super goanna? Current News - Top Stories

  • The sighting of a living giant therapod occurred near Mt. Isa, Australia in 1961. Current News - Top Stories

  • Proof of therapod dinosaur and Megalania survival additionally comes in the form of folklore, myth, and anecdotal eyewitness accounts within the region. Current News - Top Stories


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