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  • n. Alternative spelling of thermalization.


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  • But you can't * get* perfect blackbody radiation from a cavity, since you still have to let the photons out at some point and that means there's a chance that a photon will escape before thermalisation has happened.


  • Ray, 309, a key element should be mentioned for people who think RodB is on to something: in thermalisation of radiation (and hence a body being a black body) is the extreme number of collisions, absorbtions and reemissions.


  • This is how thermalisation happens even in the absence of significant inelastic collision events.


  • Your follow-on description is also true, though the process you discuss is a small percentage of the thermalizing process - not exactly "… how thermalisation happens …"


  • This will then result in thermalisation of the IR radiation.


  • Because you need many, many collisions before thermalisation of energy is practically guaranteed.


  • ˜erasure-by-destruction™ would be to simply remove the partition from the box, wait long enough for thermalisation to randomise the location of the molecule, then reinsert the partition in the centre of the box.

    Information Processing and Thermodynamic Entropy


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