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  • n. Plural form of thermal.
  • n. thermal underwear


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  • Once high enough, the pilot detaches from the towline to begin the search for the rising columns of air, known as thermals, that can keep the sailplane aloft for hours.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets

  • Is net convection between surface and lower atmosphere really limited to that little flow called 'thermals'?

    Eli Rabett and RW Wood

  • Once spring gets nearer, the higher sun angle warms the Earth more readily and this causes rising columns of air called "thermals". - Local News

  • Yesterday's warmer weather provided the first opportunity in many days for many shoppers to reach the shops, leading to a surge in demand for cold weather clothing, such as thermals and hats. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Usually I pass most of the summer shooting through thermals and waiting impatiently for my barrel to cool before going for that next shot.

    Another Take on Long-Range Shooting

  • Without forgetting ancient Europe, the Roman thermals where in antiquity the high authorities gathered to make important political decisions.

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • It is of no consolation to me that medical students are mostly stunted, and that my nostrils are therefore located a good eighteen inches (on average) above the top of their head, because as everybody knows hot air rises, and one can almost hearthe teeming bacteria jumping gleefullyinto mid-airout of the cheap white fabric (50% cotton, 50% polyester, with depressinglylow thread count, I notice) and ascend ecstatically on miniature gusts and thermals.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • I say unpractical because even if you decide to go hunting with a pocket full of dryer lint, and you burn your thermals thats really only two days of warmth if your actually trying to find your way back to civilization when a lot of the time you may run the risk of being lost for multiple days.

    Build A Survival Fire With Condoms and Underwear

  • I described pythons chaining across the cooling sands, bilbies emerging from their burrows to feed in the starlight, owls coasting on thermals between the dunes.

    Remote Reader by Carrie Tiffany

  • Just think how far 500 yards and up really is, think of the wind, thermals, elevation, and everything else that would have to go into that kind of shot.

    Long Range Hunting


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