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  • adjective concerning the emission of electrons from a heated electrode

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  • adjective of or relating to or characteristic of thermions


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  • A similar phenomenon, known as "secondary emission", occurs in thermionic valves (vacuum tubes) where electrons of sufficient energy, when hitting a surface (or passing through some medium), induce the emission of secondary electrons from the anode.

    Up, Up and Away! Helium Balloon Telescope Explores the Sun | Universe Today

  • He discovered monomolecular films with specific molecular orientation at surfaces and promoted understanding of plasmas, heat transfer, and thermionic phenomena, and invented a high-vacuum electron tube and gas-filled incandescent lamp.

    Langmuir, Irving

  • Growth happens because we can now have a wireless conisting of a little electronic circuit board in a plastic box, instead of a huge great thing of thermionic valves in a handmade walnut cabinet.

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  • It is based on the 1898 Pidgeon electrostatic machine which includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve.

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  • It is based on the 1898 Pidgeon electrostatic machine which includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve.


  • The resulting material has potential for use in low-friction, wear-resistant coatings, catalyst supports for fuel cells, high-voltage electronics, low-power, high-bandwidth radio frequency microelectromechanical/nanoelectromechanical systems MEMS/NEMS, thermionic energy generation, low-energy consumption flat panel displays and hydrogen storage.

    The New Diamond-Nanotube Composite Material | Impact Lab

  • Through experiments carried out in high vacuum, Owen W. Richardson could finally establish that electron emission is a purely thermionic effect and a law based on the velocity distribution of electrons in the metal could be formulated.

    The Nobel Prizes in Physics 1901-2000

  • A member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he has played a leading role in a wide range of nuclear projects, including cooperation with the United States on the Topaz space thermionic nuclear system, the conversion of Russian military plutonium production reactors, and security and accounting for weapons-usable nuclear materials.

    Independent Us Russian Report On Stockpiles Released

  • A "package" is a tied-together collection of hundreds of small processing units and manipulating units, a propulsion system adequate for a rendezvous, a small thermionic He-3 fusion reactor, and a central processor cortex big enough to hold a crude copy of Louie.

    Mother Of Storms

  • Rectifier Circuits of Alternating Current half-wave rectification full wave rectification opposite-contact connection full-wave rectification - bridge connection full-wave rectification - thermionic rectifier in double-way connection

    6. Rectifier Circuits


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