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  • adj. Permanently hardening or solidifying on being heated. Used of certain synthetic resins.

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  • adj. becoming permanently hard or solidifying when heated; used especially of synthetic plastics such as Bakelite.

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  • adj. having the property of becoming permanently hard and rigid when heated or cured


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thermo- +‎ setting


  • Includes discussion of natural polymers from tropical trees and the vulcanization of rubber, semi-synthetics (such as celluloid), thermosetting plastics (such as Bakelite), amino plastics (such as melamine), thermoplastics, and high-tech plastics.


  • Rifles were originally stocked with wood because the chemists of the late 1400s had not gotten around to inventing Kevlar, fiberglass, and thermosetting plastics.

    Not All Stocks Grow on Trees

  • Hexion says it's the world's largest producer of thermosetting resins, known in the trade as "thermosets."

    Hexion IPO Could Be Toxic

  • Look for a little life in early trading, but overall, Hexion's IPO will be about as exciting as watching those thermosetting resins boost adhesion as paint dries.

    Watching Paint Dry IPO Outlook: Hexion Specialty Chemicals

  • Wools are subjected to a similar variety of preshrinking methods using water, chemicals, or thermosetting resin treatments.


  • All plastics materials can be classified as either thermoplastic or thermosetting:

    Chapter 4

  • Vinyl esters are thought to be the next generation replacements of existing thermosetting resins such as unsaturated polyesters.

  • Vinyl ester materials are used in a variety of industries and are the fastest growing segment of thermosetting resins because of their combined inherent toughness with outstanding heat and chemical resistance.

  • Acrylic resins are described as a group of related thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic substances derived from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid or other similar compounds.

  • Chemicals, Inc. (formerly Borden Chemical), the world's largest producer of thermosetting resins, performance adhesives, UV-curable coatings and the building-block chemical formaldehyde for various wood and industrial markets. Featured News and Stories


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