from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. An arrangement of siphon tubes for assisting circulation in a liquid.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An arrangement of siphon-tubes serving to induce circulation of water in a heating apparatus.


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  • Passive solar heaters can be subdivided into two classes: units in which the functions of heat collection and storage are separate, known as thermosiphon flat-plate systems, and arrangements that combine collection and storage into one integrated unit, namely, integral passive solar water heaters.

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  • Circulation between the collector and the oil storage tank requires no pump, since it is based on natural circulation, i.e. the thermosiphon effect.

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  • The water is transported to a barrel-shaped, water + steam-filled heat store by natural (thermosiphon) circulation; as more water evaporates, the pressure increases steadily.

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  • The ISE heat-accumulating solar cooker uses a highly efficient oil-filled flat plate collector that operates on the thermosiphon circulation principle to carry heat to an elevated hot-oil storage tank.

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  • Circulation to work with thermosiphon system can also be connected to a wood stove heat exchanger


  • These systems, which have collecting surfaces connected to a separate hot water storage, tank, circulate water by thermosiphon (convection) effect.

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  • The Centre is working with American and Japanese colleagues towards a new geothermal technology called 'the supercritical CO2 thermosiphon'.

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  • During the last round of the Geothermal Stimulus funding in USA, four projects received federal funding to pursue different aspects of supercritical CO2 thermosiphon with a total project funding of $15 million.

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  • An ammonia central chiller and glycol secondary distribution fluid system keeps the warehouse at 39 F, and can operate in free cooling mode by using the thermosiphon principle.

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  • A 2 kW photovoltaic array provides 60-70% of the home’s power, and an Australian thermosiphon passive loop system heats a 120gal tank of water on the roof to approximately 180 degrees before directing it inward for domestic hot water use.

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