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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the thermosphere


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  • Day-to-day changes in quiet-time electric fields at mid and low latitudes are a consequence of leakage of magnetospheric fields from high latitudes, variability in the thermospheric wind system, and solar-induced conductivity changes.

    More Evidence That Hurricanes Are The Result Of A Poisson Process « Climate Audit

  • Still, the thermospheric collapse of 2008-2009 was not only bigger than any previous collapse, it was also bigger than the sun's activity alone could explain.

    t r u t h o u t

  • This provided a space-time sampling of thermospheric density, temperature, and pressure covering almost the entire Space

    t r u t h o u t

  • However, the rest of the density anomalies are attributable to lower-than-expected upper thermospheric temperatures and low concentrations of atomic oxygen near the base of the thermosphere. News Feed

  • Those thermospheric hopes of late 2008 for some kind of great liberal renaissance have steadily descended through the lower layers of atmosphere, burning upon re-entry, fighting turbulence and bumpily touching ground with the cabin's decidedly non-euphoric occupants just relieved to have hit the Earth in one piece.

    The Guardian World News

  • The stratosphere absorbs about 3 \% of incident solar radiation, whereas the troposphere absorbs about 17 \% and the surface about 50 \% (mesosphere and thermospheric absorption is much smaller in comparison); a majority of the radiation emitted to space is from the troposphere; some comes from the surface (mostly in the wavelength interval of 8 to 12 microns) and some comes from the stratosphere.


  • The Thermospheric Temperature Imager, or TTI and it will provide the first global-scale measurements of thermospheric temperature profiles in the 200-400 km (124-248 miles) region. - latest science and technology news stories

  • CU professor Thomas Woods, a co-author, says: "With lower thermospheric density, our satellites will have a longer life in orbit.

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