from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having thick legs, as an insect.


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  • The beetle stood full-square in the yellow centre of an ox-eye daisy eating its pollen, rays of white petals around him: Oedemera noblis, a thick-legged flower beetle of shiny metallic green with slightly parted elytra wing-cases and strangely thickened thighs on the rear pair of legs used in mating.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • I’ll be forty-two next yeartoo old and thick-legged to plow uphill through snow that makes my hips ache.

    Excerpt: Sweeping Up Glass by Carolyn Wall

  • Short-haired, red-faced and thick-legged, MAFGT is butcher than Rosa Kleb on testosterone injections - and, for some reason, still goes by the title of Miss or Ms at the age of 47.

    All Teachers Great And Small

  • He is a bear of a man, well over six feet tall, thick-legged and heavy-chested.

    Dr. Maroon

  • Under his bulky coat she could make out the broad-shouldered, thick-legged build of a wrestler, and a crest of dark hair protruding from his shirt collar.

    The Guy Not Taken

  • He despised the whole race of them, — especially those thick-legged, romping, cherry-cheeked damsels, of whom, no doubt, his son would marry one.

    John Caldigate

  • The dusty thick-legged drab that turns the mill, and household-slaves and day-laborers, are strangely elevated and transported with mirth and joviality.

    Essays and Miscellanies

  • The remnants of these vanished birds in the form of subfossils ancient bones, not yet petrified and fossils suggest wide variation on the basic model: enormously tall moas of the genus Dinornis, smaller but thick-legged moas of the genus Pachyornis, medium-sized moas of the genus Bury apteryx, pygmy moas of the genus Anomalopteryx.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • A thick-legged table, littered with papers blackened by an ancient accumulation of dust as if they had been smoked, occupied the whole space between the two windows; on the walls hung

    Fathers and Sons

  • The blacksmith stood deep in conversation with someone who had in tow a thick-legged workhorse, and Fidelma could see a couple of people at the far end of the square just emerging around the corner of a storehouse.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine


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