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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of thieve.


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  • Aye but mine was written years ago and what you allude to the other day — now if you were a true Critick i.e. troubled with a disorder calld the snarles, you would, (had Davy been publishd) have asserted that Robin thieved from David.

    Letter 247

  • Writing about Asha, who shamelessly milks an antipoverty scheme, a school and a women's group for funds while promising to deliver blocs of neighbors to her political patrons, Ms. Boo explains: "For the poor of a country where corruption thieved a great deal of opportunity, corruption was one of the genuine opportunities that remained."

    City of Lost Children

  • There was no lock, on the cabinet or on the trailer, as Terry was only worried about his money, which was kept in the bank rather than anything that could be thieved.


  • The young man, whose bicycle had been thieved had returned with a gang of his amigos, to inflict bodily harm on the family of the night-watchman, who they thought were harbouring the perp of the bicycle theft.

    On Civility

  • But Gloucestershire, the nearest challengers, also failed to get full bonus points, so only one batting point was needed, fittingly achieved on the penultimate day of the season, when Clive Radley nurdled one of the thousands of singles he thieved in his career.

    Somerset county championship win would exorcise ghosts of legends past

  • Why should they turn down the Federal dollars that are thieved from their constituents?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Does Hayek Belong in High School Economics Classes?

  • Nevermind, the $177 Billion of taxpayer money that went to big agribusiness to make us all less healthy, that money was thieved by white people.

    Vanessa Carmichael: Oh, Now You Care

  • “Self-rule represents Individualistic thought, thieved ideas and urge to retain power through deceit,” Mr. Vakil said.

    ���Self-rule is confused document prepared overnight by PDP to save grace��� : Congress

  • - To Consequence upon which those shy angels even hasten to defecate and to Dignity, often thieved by circumstance.

    THE BOOK OF SUCH ~ a suite of poems

  • Realized that it might be construed as bad manners to suggest this womans dearly departed mother had thieved valuable artwork from her employer.

    The Forgotten Garden


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