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  • n. Plural form of thievery.


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  • Over the course of the evening, the table piled high with lottery gifts is slowly emptied by multiple and unseen thieveries, young couples copulate under tables, the chairman seems senile and lost, and keeps executing a slow, stately walk towards the stage at completely inappropriate moments, and the beauty contest itself falls apart, in one of the film's most hysterical scenes, when the contestants all get cold feet and begin fleeing.

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  • With regard to their thieveries, he candidly apologized for, and overlooked many offences which others would have sharply punished; and when he was laid under an indispensable necessity of proceeding to any acts of severity, he never exerted them without feeling much reluctance and concern.

    Narrative of the Voyages Round The World, Performed by Captain James Cook

  • The pleasure, however, of the visit was occasionally interrupted by the thieveries of many of the inhabitants.

    Narrative of the Voyages Round The World, Performed by Captain James Cook

  • Midnite Vultures shows off his keen musical intelligence, his gift for odd but catchy mel-odies, a good feel for rhythms that really move and swing, and a nice wit that goes a long way toward allowing you to forgive him for his various musical thieveries.

    Beck: The Black Album ��� Prince Is Back (As Producer)

  • At any streetcorner, at any moment, there might be a dozen separate swindlings, thieveries, fair deals and foul going on simultaneously, but weapons were kept sheathed and no blood flowed.

    The Gates of Thorbardin

  • Woods confessed that he had duplicated keys and seals for the doors and ventilators of the freight cars, and the bold thieveries along the

    Ralph on the Engine The Young Fireman of the Limited Mail

  • Nor can we at this distant day blame them very much or wax so indignant as did their master over their thieveries.

    George Washington: Farmer

  • He crammed up his thieveries into the suit-case and shut the lid; then listened again, looked.

    Brave New World

  • By the time he was eleven years old he had served two jail sentences and had been in the work-house for petty thieveries.

    Biennial Report of the State Board of Charities and Public Welfare, December 1, 1920 to June 30, 1922

  • On becoming aware of their evil will against me, I complained to certain worthy fellows, and remarked that they ought to have been satisfied with the thieveries they practised on me under the cloak of hypocritical kindness.

    The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini


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