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  • adj. having a slim body


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  • But they do not have a free run, they are relentlessly sought by a constant patrol of lithe, thin-bodied parasitic wasps.

    Country Diary: Cranleigh, Surrey

  • Is the popularity of these thin-bodied, straight-haired dolls a sign that black is most beautiful when readable in traditional white terms?

    The Barbie Chronicles

  • But all this struggling had loosened the palisades, and there were one or two openings in them through which the thin-bodied Spaniards, pushed on by their comrades, were able to pass.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 54, No. 334, August 1843

  • And it was this difference in the matter of age, and, consequently, in the matter of size, that explained why, at first sight, he did not show how thin-bodied he was, but seemed, instead, to be rather a stout little boy.

    The Rich Little Poor Boy

  • All working parts should habitually be _lightly_ oiled with a thin-bodied oil, such as "3-in-One."

    Manual of Military Training Second, Revised Edition

  • For the last three years we in America have had transmitted glimpses of a thin-bodied, lonesome, wifeless, childless, very old man, lying on a sofa, kept out of bed by indomitable will, but, of late, never well enough to take the open air.

    Death of Thomas Carlyle. Specimen Days

  • Darting about over the pond were hundreds of dragon-flies, thin-bodied blue or green fellows, with bright transparent wings, that seemed invisible at times, so rapid was their vibration; while every now and then, rustling upon the wing as they dashed about in chase of one another, came the larger dragon-flies, to make brighter the scene.

    Hollowdell Grange Holiday Hours in a Country Home

  • First of all, there came early in the summer the thin-bodied ones, some of a steely-blue, some dark with clear wings, and with them those with the wings clouded with dark patches.

    Blue Jackets The Log of the Teaser

  • Bees swept by with a humming, slumberous sound; and among the sedges at the sides, where the golden irises displayed their lovely blossoms, the thin-bodied dragon-flies, steel-blue or green, darted on transparent wing, pairs every now and then encountering fiercely with a faint rustling of wings, and battling for a few seconds, when one would dart away with the other in pursuit.

    The Black Tor A Tale of the Reign of James the First

  • The small clerk was a thin-bodied, weak-minded, timid boy, of about twelve years of age and of humble origin.

    Freaks on the Fells Three Months' Rustication


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