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  • n. Plural form of thingy.


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  • According to the media any gun with a black, synthetic stock, extened magazine, flash-suppressor, or any other "stickey-outy thingies" is an assult weapon.

    Anybody else hear about the guy that exercised his 2nd amendment right at the Obama rally?

  • The repugs are deflated and will be stupid enough to use the same failed strategies on anything President Obama and the dems put before them. mooseyak: the hopey and changey thingies is working FINE, MF.

    Think Progress » Former Bush speechwriter tells GOP: Democrats’ passage of health care is actually ‘our’ Waterloo.

  • But right now, I'm sitting on the very cusp of whipping out some long-abandoned thingies from the dryers downstairs because by GOD I've got towels that are going to get funky if they don't see the inside of a hot air machine but SOON.

    Laundry Etiquette

  • I never got the hang of those acronym thingies, but the best one I ever heard of is our departmental Strategic Communications And Marketing unit.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Snip snip.

  • I am sure you are not considering leettle Korean thingies aka vehicles without a reason.

    Memorial Day weekend task

  • Consistently accurate markets, across a whole range of these hubdub thingies, would say something to economists and policymakers, for example in Ireland, in light of the social partnership talks about public sector pay cuts (e.g. have public sector workers already cut their expenditure in anticipation of a cut?) News

  • Are you wondering what all of these new "thingies" on the bottom of your new MacBook Pro are and do?

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Same problems actually: meds I HAVE to be on making it so that even if I stay within my "thingies", I have to work out 12+ hours a week or I gain.

    Life Being Unfair in a Small Way

  • SEOUL, South Korea -- In yet another example of the superiority of the People's Socialist movement, North Korea's Motto: Will work without food. beloved maximum beneficent supreme grand Pooh-bah Kim Jong Il has announced his praise for North Korea's scientists and technicians who have, according to the state run media, developed software programs and electronic 'thingies' that have reached a "world level."

    An Il wind

  • Emotionally, Obama appeals to me; he’s good with them there word thingies, and also to be blunt about it, having a President Obama would make it feel like the American people were doing a Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the previous eight years, and there’s a lot of appeal to that.

    2008 January 11 « Whatever


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