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  • n. Plural form of think-tank.


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  • The man behind the other producer, Walden Media, donates heavily to conservative think-tanks, which promote privatization, vouchers, and school choice.

    Ravitch on how wrong 'Superman' really is

  • NGOs and think-tanks put the number of Iraqi dead at well over 100,000.

    Kyle G. Brown: Absence of Empathy

  • You need technical agencies that can independently interpret the data for you -- those think-tanks, congressional budget offices, and ombudsman services are the best allies of the non-expert.

    Marcelo Giugale: Memos From The Developing World: Cairo, Corruption and Cultural Change

  • And finally much of the money goes to financing “think-tanks” to produce reports outside the realm of scientific consensus to legitimize skepticism of global warming.

    Wonk Room

  • Not content to have seen off one global military competitor in the Soviet Union, the western military industrial complex and the think-tanks they funded scurried around for a worthy replacement.

    United States as a global power: new world disorder | Editorial

  • When we get mad enough to want more accountability out of the corporatocracy, or we want their boundless greed hemmed in a bit, the response from these special interests is to deploy PACs and think-tanks and the Palins of the world to make sure that you stay good and scared.

    Brian Ross: Tea Party Hypocrisy: The New Taxation Without Representation

  • Conservation is not something most environmental think-tanks or NGOs (not to mention the likes of American Enterprise Institute) want to discuss, but I dare say it will have a much bigger role in our energy future than "innovative, small-scale nuclear reactors."

    Asher Miller: Uttering the "C" Word

  • Now, think-tanks were originally designed to think thru problems and come up with possible ending to a that problem, based upon all the possible information available, while the other side is doing the exact same thing but neither can read the others minds or are prepared for the unforeseen, [FATE].

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Progressive think-tanks, union reps, and the Ohio Socialist Party scream bloody murder as Governor Kasich suggests mild reforms.

    Government Unions vs. Ohioans: Fight!

  • They are noisy but have little impact on the grassroots activists, powerful interest groups and corporate-funded think-tanks that make up the core partnerships of the conservative coalition.

    Rupert Russell: Why the Conservatives Won't Crack-up, But the Left Probably Will


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