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  • n. Any of several classes of organic compound in which one or both oxygen atoms of an ester group are replaced by those of sulfur


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  • The alternative pathway is initiated by members of the thioester protein family, which, in the sea urchin, was somewhat expanded with four genes.

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  • Two of the thioester proteins, SpC3 and SpC3-2, are known to be expressed, respectively, in coelomocytes and in embryos and larvae.

    The sea urchin genome - The Panda's Thumb

  • It is known that an adenylated substrate, bound to an E1 enzyme's adenylation site, forms a thioester link with a key cysteine at its other site, the Cys domain.

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  • In this technique, one peptide fragment is attached to the terminal cysteine group (sulfur-containing amino acid) of a second peptide fragment by means of a thioester group-a selective reaction that results in a natural peptide bond.


  • These peptides interact with the same nucleobases found in DNA, but each nucleobase is bound to an organic compound known as a thioester. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Expression of linear peptides bearing a cysteine-proline dipeptide sequence followed by glycolic acid results in self-rearrangement to a C-terminal diketopiperadine-thioester, which non-enzymatically generates a cyclized peptide.

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  • Expression systems based on self-cleavable intein domains allow the generation of recombinant proteins with a C-terminal thioester.

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  • A novel redox buffer consisting of MESNA and diMESNA showed a refolding efficiency comparable to that of GSH / GSSG and prevented loss of the protein's thioester functionality.

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  • Moreover, introduction of the MESNA / diMESNA redox couple in the cleavage buffer allowed simultaneous on-column refolding of Ribonuclease A and intein-mediated cleavage to yield Ribonuclease A with a C-terminal MESNA-thioester.

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  • Introduction of a MESNA / diMESNA redox couple resulted in simultaneous on-column refolding, purification and thioester generation of the model protein Ribonuclease A.

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