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  • n. The monetary amount of thirteen pence.


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thirteen +‎ pence


  • I went to visit them, and bought a packet for half a milreis, or thirteenpence (then).

    The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton

  • [2] “A shilling passes for thirteenpence in Ireland” (Deane Swift).

    The Journal to Stella

  • Beef is tenpence to thirteenpence a pound, mutton about the same, bacon tenpence, pork tenpence, chickens four and twopence each.

    A Lady's Life on a Farm in Manitoba

  • There are many people who advertise to do so for thirteenpence.

    The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. VIII, No. 354, October 9, 1886

  • From England an army of ten thousand mercenaries landed in Spain, prepared to fight for the cause of Queen Christina, and very modestly estimating the worth of their services at the sum of thirteenpence per diem.

    In Kedar's Tents

  • "'Tis a poor ignorant lad, and mayhap was driven hard by hunger, for these be grievous times for the unfortunate; mark you, he hath not an evil face -- but when hunger driveth -- Good woman! dost know that when one steals a thing above the value of thirteenpence ha'penny the law saith he shall HANG for it?"

    The Prince and the Pauper

  • Bread was thirteenpence a quartern loaf; the national debt, with a much smaller population, was what it is now; everything was taxed, and wages were very low.

    The Revolution in Tanner's Lane

  • Mr. Liddell slowly put the thirteenpence half penny back in his purse, drew forth his bunch of keys, looked at them, and restored them to his pocket; then, resting his head wearily against the chair, he said, "Give me something to take and I will go to bed."

    A Crooked Path A Novel

  • 'Didn't he return you the thirteenpence in copper, and the watch, saying it was only pinch-beck?'

    Barry Lyndon

  • Well, this is a wicked world, this, to take away a fellow-creature's life for thirteenpence-halfpenny, for that was all the money they found in my pocket.

    The Poacher Joseph Rushbrook


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