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  • n. The ordinal form of the number thirty-six, describing a person or thing in position number 36 of a sequence.
  • n. One of thirty-six equal parts of a whole.

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  • adj. the ordinal number of thirty-six in counting order


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  • I could think of no better way to start my thirty-sixth year.

    Times Two

  • “I have a present for you—something special for your thirty-sixth birthday.”

    Times Two

  • President Lyndon Baines Johnson, thirty-sixth president of the U.


  • The dinner was acelebration of the thirty-sixth anniversary of the day the white supremacist government of Rhodesia announced a Unilateral Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, which was pressingit to enfranchise black people.

    Matthew Yglesias » Israel Deserves Better Defenders Than Andrew Roberts

  • Tennessee was the thirty-sixth state to ratify, giving the amendment the requisite approval of three-fourths of the states; the amendment passed because 24 year-old legislator Harry Burn changed his vote, at the insistence of his elderly mother.

    19th amendment anniversary: Politicians celebrate

  • On December 5, at 3:31 p.m. local time, Utah became the thirty-sixth state to ratify the Repeal amendment.


  • Around the portal of the main entrance to the tomb was a rectangular band of marble inlaid with inscriptions from the Quran, the thirty-sixth sura — Ya Sin.

    Shadow Princess

  • A better analogy was to the thirty-sixth president of the United States.


  • I called my mother on January 17, my thirty-sixth birthday.

    Falling Apart in One Piece

  • Yes, but women in their thirty-sixth week never sleep, and things went great.

    Aching for Always


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