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  • adj. Becoming a fluid when agitated but solid or semi-solid when allowed to stand.


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From Ancient Greek θίξις (thixis, "touch") +‎ -tropic.


  • A thixotropic substance is not one that is thick, though that does seem to apply to ketchup.

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  • At the Science Centre we created a thixotropic mixture of corn starch and water.

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  • As Allgeyer points out (and as I remember pointing out back when I worked at the Saskatchewan Science Centre), ketchup exhibits thixotropic tendencies.

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  • As with all of these pens, the ink is pressurized (so that it works in low-g, as well as upside down, etc), and uses "thixotropic ink," which can write on plastic, metal or even wet surfaces.

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  • I still like thixotropic better towards the bottom of the page.

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  • If we get caught in this damned thixotropic mud when the surface waves get here—


  • Fumed silica is an ultra-fine, high-purity particle used as a reinforcing, thickening, abrasive, thixotropic, suspending, or anti-caking agent.

  • The thixotropic, non-sag, properties allow easy dispensing on unlevel or vertical surfaces.

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  • These micro-dispensing systems are characterised by the following properties: single-drop volumes from 10 to 200 nano-litres; dispensing frequencies up to 100Hz; a dispensing accuracy of less than one per cent; and media viscosities up to 200,000mPas (thixotropic).

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  • The project measurement status also includes other practical information, such as the amount of thixotropic mud (semi-solid) used on the site, which is used as an indicator of the environmental impact from "dumping water from the construction of foundations and retaining walls".


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