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  • adj. Thomas (attributive); used in taxonomic names for organisms that often have English names of the form "Thomas's ..."


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Named in a pseudo-Latin manner for any of several naturalists named Thomas.


  • Ten species are reported from Guadeloupe of which Eptesicus guadeloupensis and Sturnira thomasi are island-endemics.


  • Comparisons of the features seen in the photos with morphological features of 17 similar-looking species from the region suggest that the animal is not a new species of carnivore, as had been widely speculated, but is most likely a rarely seen species of flying squirrel, probably Aeromys thomasi.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • Of the 13 morphological characters available for comparison, A. thomasi matches the Kayan Mentarang animal in 12 of them (the 13th character – orientation of the tail when on the ground – remains uncertain in A. thomasi).

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • As has been noted by both John Lynch and Loren Coleman, of incidental interest in this story is that the squirrel A. thomasi was described by Sir Charles Hose (1863-1929) in 1900*, while the civet D. hosei was described by Michael Rogers Oldfield Thomas (1858-1929) in 1892.

    That’s no mystery carnivore (part II)… it’s a giant squirrel!

  • Of course none of this demonstrates that the Kayan Mentarang animal really is a ground-walking specimen of A. thomasi, and not an unknown species.

    That’s no mystery carnivore (part II)… it’s a giant squirrel!

  • Also, I had a very nice view of Aeromys thomasi up on a tree about two weeks ago while doing some night survey work.

    That’s no mystery carnivore (part II)… it’s a giant squirrel!

  • To help convince people, Meijaard et al. (2006) have provided two paintings of the Kayan Mentarang animal, this time ‘reconstructed’ using A. thomasi to fill in the gaps.

    That’s no mystery carnivore (part II)… it’s a giant squirrel!

  • The mammal species includes Thomas's leaf-monkey (Presbytis thomasi), one of Sumatra's four leaf-monkeys, Sumatran rabbit (Nesolagus netscheri), and Sumatran shrew-mouse (Mus crociduroides).

    Sumatran montane rain forests

  • Key mammals of the Parks are Sumatran tiger Panthera tigris sumatrae (CR), Sumatran rhino Dicerhinos sumatrensis (CR), orangutan, Sumatran elephant Elephas maximus sumatranus (EN); also Malayan sun-bear Helarctos malayanus and the endemics Sumatran grizzled langur Presbytis thomasi, Hoogerwerf's rat Rattus hoogerwerfi (VU) and Maxomys hylomoides.

    Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia

  • These are a bush rat, Aethomys thomasi, two white-toothed shrews (Crocidura erica, C. nigricans), and the black-faced impala.

    Angolan Mopane woodlands


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