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  • adj. comparative form of thorny: more thorny


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  • Far thornier is the fact that this is a commercial transaction from which parents desperately, if selectively, want emotional results.

    How To Treat the Help?

  • The president wants a bill on his desk this year to take advantage of the momentum of his new administration and avoid the thornier political climate of mid-term congressional elections in 2010.

    Conrad: Dems lack votes to pass health care reform on their own

  • These issues are going to get even thornier as technology puts pressure on the entities who depend on the old "windowing" system—which staggers a movie's release through avenues like theaters, DVD and television, to maximize the profitability of each.

    Filmmakers Pan DirecTV Plan

  • Part of what makes equilibrium warp thornier and harder to explain is that with credibility and determinacy warp you're dealing with possibility and actuality, challenges to which can be resolved by filling in gapstory, rendering the story choate.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • If it transpires that many GPs have failed to communicate that effectively, then it will be as well to pause and ask how well they will fare at thornier tasks, such as managing contracts with mighty hospital trusts and rationing costly drugs.

    Flu outbreak: Lessons from the shivers | Editorial

  • Now, Mr. Monti is tackling the thornier issue of how to boost Italy's lackluster employment rate.

    Italy Pushes for Europe Growth Policy

  • Obama wants a health care reform bill on his desk by the end of the year to both capitalize on momentum of his new administration and avoid the thornier political climate of midterm congressional elections in 2010.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • How the Berbers here came to get their Arab neighbors' animals—and their demands for returning them to their owners—mirrors the group's larger, thornier struggle to carve out an improved position in the new Libya.

    Camels, Minority Rights Spur Battle in Libya

  • It also poses no thornier an ethical danger for the protection of law-abiding citizens.

    Technology Opens Those Castle Doors

  • But Mr. Monti has left a thornier question—what to do with the government's 30% stake in Eni itself—for another day.

    Monti Leaves Room for More on Eni


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