thoroughgoingly love



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  • adv. fully; completely; thoroughly


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

thoroughgoing +‎ -ly


  • Fr Alec MitchellManchester• Thanks to Jon Canter for his perceptiveness about the difficulties of devising a thoroughgoingly secular funeral.

    Letters: Faith, funerals and a sense of togetherness

  • For me, a thoroughgoingly pragmatic literary criticism might indeed put aside the question "Am I getting this poem right?" but would still find the question "Am I getting literature right?" an appropriate one to ask.

    Principles of Literary Criticism

  • I would agree with Josh that such a "skeptical stance" is what motivated the greatest of the postmodernists (although his list leaves out perhaps the most thoroughgoingly skeptical of the postmodernists, writers such as Gilbert Sorrentino or Donald Barthelme), but such skepticism was not intended to destroy literature but to enhance it, to open up the possibilities for "aesthetic impact," not to deny the validity of the aesthetic.

    Saying Something

  • I realize that this is a view very commonly advanced by certain "conservative" cultural commentators, but I always thought Teachout managed to avoid such a narrow, agenda-driven (indeed, thoroughgoingly "political") approach to art in most of his better criticism.

    Art and Culture

  • It's not a bad book, just thoroughgoingly ordinary.

    Narrative Strategies

  • The result is that the picture of the world we get FROM science is thoroughgoingly naturalistic.

    Evolution and Liberal Christianity

  • I had quite a testy exchange with him over Naked Lunch where he jettisoned nearly all the gayness of one of the most thoroughgoingly homoerotic pieces of literature of all-time.

    2/19: Eastern Promises; Pursued

  • Fitting the social construction of human traits or kinds together with an account of representations, we see that one can be more or less thoroughgoingly constructionist.

    Naturalistic Approaches to Social Construction

  • At the same time, Hinzman was not only against the Iraq war; he seems to have been thoroughgoingly anti-American, as described by the Toronto Globe and Mail article we quoted back in '04:

    Too Eloquent and Idealistic

  • To be fair, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is thoroughgoingly fraudulent in ways traditional Christianity could only dream.

    Debunking Christianity


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