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  • Contraction of those are.


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those +‎ -'re


  • But those're not the point of the trip for me, hard as it is for me sometimes to switch gears and get out of that rut of self-imposed obligation that I slip into so easily when I am back in the frenetic pace of NYC.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • If ale ails you you can also down a handful of ciders, plus lagers from Asahi a 33. 8oz Super Dry, Zywiec, Bitberger, and Mama's Little Yella Pils, which hopefully you didn't steal, because those're for post-menopausal depression, dude.

    Thrillist: Candemonium! Seriously... A Celebration Of Cans

  • So I'll tell you, son, this fresh air you're breathing and those free hands of yours -- those're all just gravy.


  • (Actually, the advance for the Greek edition was only 250 Euros, but those're worth a bit more given the current difference in currency rates, although still less than what they just paid to reprint my little poem.)

    Breakfast in Bed

  • I need to try calling several different places today, too; bank, pharmacy, dentist, parents, and those're just the Official Ones.

    jaxraven Diary Entry

  • And those're your post-BEA publishing updates, as officially reported.

    the tactile impressions of the absence of sound

  • Some other bits and pieces, but those're the most salient bits, I guess.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • Inventing and establishing, those're the fun parts.

    on writing: when the thrill is gone

  • Blogs are a tool that can push reading and writing in new and meaningful ways -- those're both skills that students need a big handle on.

    Web 2.0 Debate

  • The imperial chickenhawk side of the nest has been reprehensible enough as they worship the current presidential Carpet-bagger in Chief (yeah, those're some people who could use a nice big cup of shut-up), but now - not to be outdone, lately, the sado-marxochistic half of the cuckoos 'nest've been clucking up to this Howard Dean guy.

    Huzzah for King Bob


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