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  • Nevertheless; still; however.


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  • Even a child knows that! and "50 States" is So imbeded into our thoughts that ever in our most thoughless times, we wouldn't get it wronge.

    Obama still struggles with some Democrats

  • They doing whatever they won't, sending some thoughless pundits on TV with no sens.

    Pelosi, Reid working together to end uncertainty over nomination

  • Certainly there could be a good pro-life movie, even one about a heroic man protecting a fetus from a wayward woman, but Bella is humorless, cliched, thoughless and divorced from reality.

    I Surrender to the Inevitable

  • By naming it "Weighted Companion Cube" and giving it a heart, the humble crate has been taken from being a trite, thoughless staple of first-person shooters into actually being a character.

    Into the Portal - Anil Dash

  • 'Twas fate that brought resistless doom to her, and that thoughless oracle that Phoebus gave.


  • The values M so correctly highlights that have been stripped from our society have lead to a whole generation of thoughless 'animals?' who completely fail to comprehend their station.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Here stands this black young Atalanta, girding herself for the race that must be run; and if her eyes be still toward the hills and sky as in the days of old, then we may look for noble running; but what if some ruthless or wily or even thoughless Hippomenes lay golden apples before her?

    V. Of the Wings of Atalanta.

  • (By now, Breitbart, like Beck and Rush Limbaugh, has given us enough examples of what he sees as racist for us to assume that he thinks black people commit racism pretty much every time one of them is so thoughless as to remind him that they exist.) latest blog entries

  • What we need, are smart managers who are capable of doing what needs to be done, using economics based on what conditions and funds available at the time and not looking for someone else to fund thier thoughless lust for cash.

    News from

  • Reguardless of education some individuals will always choose the easy (thoughless) way to tag a problem. Main RSS Feed


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