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  • n. Any of a set of presuppositions or fundamental ideas which define the thinking of people of a given region, time period etc.


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  • The world lit a fire and you danced out of it: a plume of smoke, an idea, a thought-form made flesh.

    Fire Pit

  • If someone forced me at ray-gun point to subscribe to the ETH, my belief would tend more in the thought-form direction, I think.

    Posthuman Blues

  • They all seem to have some connection, even if they differ in details or is the latter just the distorting effect of the respective thought-form of each teaching?

    Almaas and Sri Aurobindo

  • Instead of thinking a thought, the memetic thought-form "thinks" within you!

    Memetic Thought-Forms

  • In order for that song thought-form to get energy your psycho-emotional energy it has to keep your attention.

    Memetic Thought-Forms

  • Beams of positive-to-negative, negative-to-positive energies are birthed by imaginary thought-form patterns that develop within your uncensored mind.

    Songs of the Arcturians

  • The thought-form of the creature facing him showed the same grim attitude.

    The Battle of Forever

  • To those who find it difficult to understand how a thought-form can persist after separation from the presence of the thinker, I would say that the phenomena is similar to that of light traveling in space, long after the star which originated it has been destroyed.

    The Human Aura Astral Colors and Thought Forms

  • A thought-form is more than merely a strongly manifested thought -- it really is such a thought, but surrounded by a body of ethereal substance, charged with prana, and even carrying with it the vibration of the life energy of its creator.

    The Human Aura Astral Colors and Thought Forms

  • When one has come into certain conditions of negativeness in any part of his mind, and continues in it for any length of time, it takes more than his own power to modify these intensified conditions and bring about an inhibiting power of mind which will crowd them out, and allow the idea centers to receive a new thought-form and intensify it so that the will can pass it into action.

    Freedom Talks No. II


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