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  • Their thirty and forty - thousand-ton battleships slowed down half a dozen miles offshore and maneuvered in ponderous evolutions, while tiny scout-boats (lean, six-funneled destroyers) ran in, cutting blackly the flashing sea like so many sharks.


  • They shut down production of millions of barrels of oil, delayed dozens of projects, and in some cases left billion-dollar, thousand-ton platforms listing in the water.

    A ‘Three Mile Island for Offshore Oil’?

  • Dodging elaborate attempts on her life with characteristic grit and humor, the one-of-a-kind detective wends her way through a maze of grain elevators and thousand-ton freighters, ruthless businessmen and gorgeous ballerinas, to ferret out Boom Boom's killers before they phase her out of the picture - permanently.


  • At full magnification the Grisha nearly filled the lens, and then both fish hit her port side and the thousand-ton patrol frigate disintegrated before his eyes.

    Red Storm Rising

  • Instead of the thousand-ton boosters whose bones now littered the Atlantic deeps, men were building far more efficient aerospace planes-giant rocket aircraft which could - climb up to orbit with their cargoes, then return to Earth for another mission.

    The Lost Worlds of 2001

  • Floyd felt himself well charged with oxygen, and ready to tackle anything, when the launching track began to sling its thousand-ton payload out over the Atlantic.

    2001 A Space Odyssey

  • He pictured that thousand-ton cylinder, spinning beneath the drive of its fifty million horse-power.

    Reach for Tomorrow

  • That thousand-ton cylinder was now hanging fifty feet above Nelson's head, like the business end of a mammoth drop hammer.

    Reach For Tomorrow

  • The aircar swung out over Konkrook Channel and headed toward the blue-gray Company buildings on Gongonk Island, and the Company airport, swarming with lorries and airboats, where the ten thousand-ton Oom Paul Kruger had just come in from Keegark, and the Company's one real warship, the cruiser Pro-cyan, was lifting out for Grank, in the North.

    Uller Uprising

  • In any case, the utmost power of the atomic drive could move her two - thousand-ton mass with an acceleration of only a tenth of a gravity; at the moment it was throttled back to less than half of this small value.

    The Sands of Mars


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