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  • n. Plural form of thousandaire.


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  • You'll be pleasantly surprised to find the MLS is not in fact made up of millionaires but rather "thousandaires," as you put it. Chronicle

  • Mr. Obama ought to call them "thousandaires," but that probably doesn't poll as well.

    Warren Buffett's Tax Dodge

  • Not a word about what happens to hundredaires, thousandaires or even hundred-thousandaires.

    More for Millionaires

  • Mr. O'Malley, who was celebrated as a progressive hero for sticking it to millionaires in the name of "fairness," now wants to finance his spending ambitions with taxes on Maryland's thousandaires.

    Maryland's Son of Obama

  • If the choice is between millionaires paying a little more, and thousandaires and hundredaires paying a little more, then it's clear millionaires, having more zeros at the end of their account balances plural, would probably feel the pinch a little less.

    Corey Reynolds: What I'd Say to POTUS

  • Most Mac App developers we spoke with are on a clip to be gainfully employed thousandaires, rather than retiring millionaires, in part because the Mac App Store currently does much less business than the iTunes iOS app store.

    Eliot Van Buskirk: Mac App Store Produces Thousandaires by Selling Software Like Music

  • A lot of a-holes are going to become thousandaires because of that crappy movie.

    After Paranormal Activity, Paramount Plans to Stay in the Micro-Budget Film Biz | /Film

  • It's so strong that sometimes I do have a tiny effect on the haughty ten-thousandaires.

    Main Street

  • You all know very well that the non-Malays own a lot in Malaysia, they are billionaires, millionaires and countless hundred thousandaires, are those not enough?

    Malaysiakini :: News

  • Now, a thousand billionaires and a billion thousandaires signal structural limits to the power of industrial finance.

    NPR Topics: News


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