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  • Putin rejected calls to talk with opposition leaders who have brought tens of thousandsof Russians into the streets tochallenge the government.

    What's News: World-Wide

  • As a consumer you would have to go to farmer Bill for milk, travel 10 miles to farmer Jane for corn, travel another 10 miles to farmer gill for eggs, and on and on and on for the hundreds and thousandsof different products we buy.

    John Brown – the author’s official site » 2010 » February » 03

  • In that way, you would be like thousandsof Mexican drivers who have no driver's license (or insurance, for that matter.) mazatlanlee

    Texas Drivers Licenses not valid in Michoacan!!!!!!!

  • Tens of thousandsof Iraqis were killed in 2005 and 2006 when militias engaged in revenge attacks, targeting Iraqis of different sects, after an explosion that nearly destroyed the Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra was blamed on Sunni militias.

    Firas Al-Atraqchi: Sadrist politician blames Maliki for recent Baghdad blasts

  • The rejected items could provide tens of thousandsof jobs and economic stimulus in communities that sorely need it: Jobs for health educators doing HIV and smoking cessation counseling, construction jobs building simple structures to house farmers 'markets, jobs at currently-overstretched substance abuse treatment facilities, rental of abandoned storefronts for community-based health interventions.

    Harold Pollack: Feeling Bad about Politics this Week? Check out Doctors for Obama

  • Along with the lives of hundredsprobably even thousandsof people.

    Pendragon Before the War

  • As the organization guy I have met and received e-mails from thousandsmaybe tens of thousandsof people who are overwhelmed by clutter.

    Enough Already

  • If OUR guy, George W, tells lies and hundreds of thousandsof people are killed or maimed as a result -- our troops along with "collateral-damage" Iraqi civilians -- it's no big deal, get over it, mission accomplished, "victory" will be coming along any day now.

    Lies and Criminality About Justice Department and Georgia -- "So?"

  • By joining with thousandsof Americans who refused to tolerate these egregious acts you were successful in helping to awaken, energize and give hope and direction to millions of people.

    Congratulations Cindy Sheehan

  • As such, the lyrics of a song by Tom Rapp in the early 70's seems appropriatefor, in reality, it isan odetohundreds of thousandsof forgotten children who were sacrificed for our ongoing blind hubris and greed.



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