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  • noun An old spelling of thrall.


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  • It was hypæthral, that is, without a roof, so that the sky could be seen by the worshippers of the "Genius of heavenly light."

    Pagan and Christian Rome

  • "Let him never appeal for more justice than a thral woman lashed on her bare back."

    The Nobel Prize in Literature 1997 - Presentation Speech

  • On the other side, I doe lament your fortune, when I thinke vpon the reasons which you haue alleaged, and the greater cause I haue to plaine, because I haue knowen you from your youth, and haue alwayes deemed you at libertie and free from such passions, not thral or subiect to the flames of loue, but rather geuen to exercise of armes.

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • Each good man shall have his right, if God it will grant, and each thral and each slave be set free.

    Roman de Brut. English

  • To make us fre, whereas we were thral.” john lydgate: Let devoute peple kepe observance.

    St Peter's Finger


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