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  • n. Plural form of thrall.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of thrall.


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  • “By day, Southwark Manor appears deserted, except for those you call thralls, and they are in a greatly subdued state, almost quiescent as it were, neither moving nor taking note of anything that goes on around them.”

    Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer

  • And Pentheus hied this way and that, and called his thralls amain

    Hippolytus/The Bacchae

  • While the thralls were at work, the men stood together and talked.

    Viking Tales

  • Then, returning home, they made slaves or "thralls" of their prisoners, often married the women, and spent the winter in the enjoyment of their plunder.

    Erling the Bold

  • Me and the three-year-old watch Pooh cartoons, Pooh in the thralls of honey obsession, and the three-year-old's mom says, “You know what honey is in a Blues song?”

    Selected Tweets (June – November 2011), Edited and in Near Chronologic Order

  • Daddy tends to take beautiful women who want to sleep with him, make them thralls, and then refuse to sleep with them.


  • Talbot was just as bad as the damn thralls, spelling everything out like textspeak was below him.


  • She stood in the door, staring down at the other thralls with vague disapproval at the way they fawned over me.


  • She might be less jealous of Bea than any of my other thralls, but she pays attention to stuff like kissing.


  • Eric had once told me he could see the faces of other vampires when he looked at their thralls and concentrated.



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