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  • n. A strip of thin soft paper prepared for wrapping up a skein of thread, which is laid at length and rolled up in a generally cylindrical form.
  • n. A variety of paper used for such strips.


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  • Sedley said he feared poor Desdemona had lost the thread-paper from which she was to mend her gown, and recommended to the two young ladies to have the charity to go and assist her.


  • A thread-paper, a doll, a toy - a girl, in short. '

    Shirley, by Charlotte Bronte

  • No matter β€” as an appendage to seamstressy, the thread-paper might be of some consequence to my mother β€” of none to my father, as a mark in Slawkenbergius.

    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

  • Only fancy, that poor, thread-paper creature, Mr. Brown's daughter, has married badly and come back to her father with a troop of children; and she married in opposition to his wishes, and she hasn't a farthing of her own; and yet she seems to have no proper sense of her position whatever.

    Lippincott's Magazine Of Popular Literature And Science Old Series, Vol. 36β€”New Series, Vol. 10, July 1885

  • Ah! how he hated these people and their thread-paper morality, and their sordid conception of art -- a prettiness that would sell!

    A Comedy of Masks A Novel

  • As I was jumping off; another shot struck her, and she fell upon me with a crash, which I thought had squeezed me as flat as a thread-paper, her blood, like a fountain, pouring into my face.

    The Autobiography of Liuetenant-General Sir Harry Smith, Baronet of Aliwal on the Sutlej, G. C. B.

  • What a parchmenty, precise, thread-paper of a chap, with his bird's claw of a hand, and his muffled-up throat, and his quavery:

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works

  • And while she thus held him, Mallalieu, who had often observed Miss Pett in her peregrinations through the Market Place, and had been accustomed to speaking of her as a thread-paper, or as Mother Skin-and-Bones, because of her phenomenal thinness, wondered how it was that a woman of such extraordinary attenuation should possess such powerful fingers -- her grip on his wrist was like that of a vice.

    The Borough Treasurer

  • 'I do all I can for her,' Mrs. Rawson murmured, 'but you see with three children to look after and only one maid,' -- the two women began to talk together and the thread-paper man took advantage of the opportunity to whisper to Dick that he thought he could manage to do the flower-girls 'dresses at five shillings less.

    A Mummer's Wife

  • So I practiced repression, though the wall of my reserve is worn to the thinness of thread-paper, and I tried to keep my mind on the droning minor canon, and not to look at her, "for that way madness lies."

    A Cathedral Courtship


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