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  • adj. That can be safely accessed from multiple threads.


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thread +‎ safe


  • Before anyone jumps in and suggests that that's rails 'fault for not being' threadsafe ',


  • I already have a patch around for @cdk.threadsafe and @cdk.threadnonsafe in reply to the Threading session at the unconference, which I'll ask Rajarshi to review.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • As we all know, this is usually not threadsafe by itself.

    Planet GNOME

  • Chris had spent time previously on ensuring that the image and xcb backends were threadsafe.

    Planet GNOME

  • I made sure the xlib and GL backends are now threadsafe, too.

    Planet GNOME

  • You can tell users whether or not you expect your plugins to work on Rails 3, whether or not your users can run them in threadsafe mode, and whether they run on JRuby.

    Riding Rails - home

  • In order to really take advantage we've had to partition our operation into small chunks, execute these in parallel via the Threadpool, and collate the results in a threadsafe way. articles

  • UCommon depends on and when necessary will introduce some portable C replacement functions, especially for sockets, such as adding getaddrinfo for platforms which do not have it, or when threadsafe versions of existing C library functions are needed.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • JRUBY-3078 require should be made either threadsafe or guaranteed to run the discovered file exactly once

    RubyForge Gems

  • Single-handedly developed robust 100,000 LOC threadsafe C++ service

    eWeek - RSS Feeds


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